Movie Matinee

I can’t help but chuckle. Mike went to the nearby Red Box movie rental kiosk last night, to find something to watch. Yes, we have pay per view but my old school man still like to drive to pick up, and drive to return. This is probably why he doesn’t believe in Facebook.

We watched ‘his’ movie choice, Silver Lining, last night. This morning as he was leaving for work, he slid ‘my movie’ rental, Les Miserables, towards me and said sheepishly, “maybe you will have some time today to watch this movie. I know you have been wanting to see it for a long time.”

Time for a movie matinee? Is he serious? 

Cheese Tortellini Soup {recipe HERE}

 The never ending laundry.

The joys of bill pay. I did learn how to deposit checks with my iPhone last week- pretty snazzy.

Oh sweet boy, you have no idea. His heart is in the right place.

Just in case my kids ever wonder what their Mama did all those days while they were in school- here is a good sampling for the sake of prosperity.

Wake up (45 minutes before every one, make coffee, let dogs out, wake up girls, give raynes bottle, get dressed, change diaper, make breakfast, pack lunch, take girls to school, come home and clean up house, do laundry, make beds, go to grocery store/bank/cleaners/ gym, come home and feed raynes, let out dogs, put him down for nap, put away laundry, start dinner, check emails/pay bills/manage rental property, get raynes up, changed, fed, snack, load up to get girls from school. By 3:00 I am outnumbered and it’s all downhill from there.

More of diffusing arguments than helping with homework after school. 

Can’t wait to watch my movie today!


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