My mind is a running, the eye is a twitching, and I have random thoughts that keep popping into my head making it utterly impossible to find a worthy topic tonight. Instead, I do what I do best. Make a list- of noteworthy happenings this week, albeit little.

1. Got my camera fixed!! I thought I would have to mail it to Canon (no one locally repairs Canon in house). When I called the toll free number at Canon the technical support walked me through resetting my settings and whola- it works again.

He now uses a utensil. Tear.

 2. After 3+ months, I am getting my hair “done” tomorrow. Finally. I haven’t been this brown since middle school.

Photo I took to test my new settings. Music to me eyes to be shooting in the AV mode, after many  months shooting in manual.

3. Only 22 days left of school for my girls. Yikes. I’ll think about that one tomorrow.

4. Britton is in a school musical tomorrow night- their rendition of Sleeping Beauty. She even asked me to French braid her hair. Cannot wait to see what that is all about.

My mom is trying to talk me in to doing something more with my photography

5. Which reminds me that Kenley’s piano recital is this weekend, although technically it isn’t ‘her recital’ since she is once again refusing to play.

6. And we will finish off performances next weekend with Britton’s dance recital- performing a Hip Hop dance, of course. The video will be charged for that one, for sure. Do people still call them video recorders? How do I put my iphone video recordings on a real CD? Do people still use DVD’s to watch movies? Should I put all of our old VHS movies onto CDs? See… mind wandering…

7. Mike and I have two pre-scheduled date nights this month- with babysitter ready to go. Now there’s an idea. It’s only been 12 years, we are a little slow.

Fresh herbs

8. I think I am going to paint my sunroom next week- before the girls get out of school. Ancient Marble. I wonder if I should use that color in my bedroom? Would it match the paint I just used in my bathroom? Do they need to match? Maybe I should paint my old dresser first, then decide on a color. Or, if I rearranged the furniture I could buy a few months. Should I move the sewing table to the sunroom? When will I have time to paint that? And on, and on….