The Un-Performing Arts {Take 2}

‘Tis May and the spring piano “recital” took place this week. Recital is used some what loosely since it’s mostly family that meets at my Aunt and Uncle’s house for pizza and piano. To Kenley, that meant very little since the only stipulation when she decided to move forward with piano lessons, was she didn’t want refused to play in a recital. She stood firm at the Christmas recital. That is, until everyone was in the kitchen or about to leave, and she finally agreed to sit down and play her piece.There would be no pictures from that 3 minute scene with Kenley sitting on the piano bench, fire crackling in the background, flanked by her cousin Jillian and older sister.

Sunday night was not much different. Kenley says what she means and means what she says. People came, played, Kenley opted to watch (and applaud), folks ate, chatted and gathered their things to leave.. when what? You want to hear me play?

Kenley finally agreed to play for her Aunt Kelly.. just the two of them.

Theater may not be in Kenley’s future

Suffice it to say, my concert Violonist grandfather seemed to pass along his genes to my cousins and my children.


 Caitlyn– after she played her piano piece.

Jon Luke

Kenley does make a great cheerleader. Maybe she takes after her Mama after all?