I received the following email from a mother of two {now grown} boys. It was too cute not to share:
“I love reading the blog!!! Were the girls really that calm and easy?

This is just the beginning. You just have wear him out and keep him outside. Give him the hose or a sprinkler. Get him a truck and walk with him as he will push it up and down the street.

Move anything breakable you treasure out of sight. His curiosity will get the best of him,  he doesn’t want to break it,  he just has to mess with things.

Boys get busier and busier and just can’t sit still.

Build forts inside with sheets, get him a flashlight, lots of Legos, but that’s about it.
They just have to be moving all the time and their minds are conjuring up what they can create: potato guns, bombs, etc.

Lots of sports, etc. You just have to wear them out physically.
I didn’t ever read a book till the boys were in college, I don’t think!!!!
It’s just so different, but they are so sweet and no drama and love their mamas – think dirt and noise.
It’s a great ride, and I’m glad you all will get the chance.

Don’t you have a new appreciation for all us mothers of sons!!!!”


Lovely comments

  1. 7' says

    Love it and every word is so true! Davis is so into building forts in his playroom right now and falls asleep with his flashlight in hand every night. Love