Cookies and Tea For All

Sassy threw a tea party for her grands yesterday. My version of the story would go something like this: Pink cupcakes, antique tea cups, glitter nail polish and many bright, plastic high heels. Fun for all.

Sassy’s version would likely alter some. Yes, Sassy has begun to update her blog more frequently. Like Facebook, it is yet one more of her social media outlets I will now have to monitor. Can’t take her anywhere, you know.

Raynes tried to crash the party, briefly, before he was escorted out by his mama.

 Sassy is convinced he would make a pretty girl.

Allie Boone spent most of her time dancing in front of the mirror.

Eventually, Raynes saw what this little party was all about and was ready to head home to his Tonka truck and English Cocker.

The perfect shade of Mermaid blue….