Happy Birthday Downing

For the third year, Happy Birthday Downing!

Glad that my sweet Godson was in town to celebrate his big ‘trois’ birthday {that one’s for you Madame Allaire}.

I think R is already looking up to his older friend. Let’s face it, friends with driver licenses and fake ID’s will come in handy one day.

Downing’s Daddy turns the big 4-0 this month. Ouch. I know, I know…. I’m not too far behind him.

We saw our friends in April, but for some reason little Raynes has turned into Big Mike- I mean Big Raynes-  lately- and their 1.5 year age difference isn’t so obvious anymore.

 But Downing will still let R know who is boss. His Mama used to try keeping me in line too- it’s an exhausting endeavor.

Just like their Mama’s did 20 years ago, these two were sneaking out of Rosehill looking to raise some hell.

 Sadly, it is my child leading the way. 

But were soon corralled back inside the gates… busted. They will have to devise a better plan next time.

 See what I mean, one would never know they were born 17 months apart.

 Raynes discovered his love for Barnaby’s pizza

Apparently it is just as enjoyable to wear your pizza as it is to eat it.

Courtney and I could not have imagined the day would come when we wore sunscreen, rocked the tankini and would have our arms full of nothing but a bunch of rowdy little boys. Another full circle moment on this journey.