Mermaid Girls Who Party

Britton has always loved throwing a good party. Even as a kindergartner, unbeknownst to me, she slipped handmade invitations into her classmates backpacks with our address and date.  Enough to solicit at least two phone calls from moms inquiring what time they should drop off their children. Not much has changed in the past four grades, only she now has more input with the party planning details and revels in it.

As we were browsing my favorite party planning website, she came across a mermaid themed birthday party and her heart may have audibly skipped a beat. She is still trying to conjure a way to combine mermaids with the boy band, One Direction.  She believes a One Direction birthday cake may suffice.

Summer fun when you have used up your allotted two hours of electronics

My girl has spent weeks, if not months, researching metallic spandex fabric so I can make her a real mermaid tail. Let me tell you, metallic spandex is a hot commodity. Especially if you want you some tight fittin’ shiny blue spandex with little scales. I think we have found a nice gentleman out of New York who takes credit cards orders over the phone only.  When I asked her what she wanted for her birthday present this year, she immediately asked me if I could make her a real mermaid tale…. with a fin. Oh, my little Britton.  I think I can whip up a little spandex somethin’ for you.

It’s such a contradictory age and I am loving every minute of it. It makes me chuckle under my breath every day. Even if I will be at my sewing machine for the next three weeks.


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