Michael Raynes | 20 months

You are closing in on two years now… full of energy, curiosity, sweetness, dirt and kisses.

Physical Developments: You are wearing a size 7 shoe, size 12-18 months shorts, size 5 diapers,  2T in shirts and have string bean arms and legs- although occasionally I can spot a fat roll emerging on your thighs.  You are a far cry from your ham hawk cousins still.You are trying a new hair color- blond. It suits you.

Personality: You love your big sisters, Poopie (poochie) and all things outside. You are fearless- climbing atop tables and jumping into pools. You cannot swim by the way, or fly- in case no one has told you.

Language: Officially saying Mama- and to make up for lost time you say  yell my name constantly. From the back seat, from the backyard. You also like to tell your Meme hello (“hi Meme”).

I was hoping that little boys have a built in cautiousness of all things dangerous. I have found that it is the opposite. They are drawn to all the things us mothers worry about.

Playtime: As a third child (and only boy), you know how to entertain yourself and for that I am grateful. I’ve introduced you, or maybe it you who introduced me, to water toys. Boy have we been missing out. You played  in the courtyard for two hours (yes, I timed you and this was a record) by yourself this week. Who knew that some Tupperware and a hose was all a 20 month old boy really wanted in life.

You love it so much, we rinse and repeat every day.


Calling for Tucker (ribs, anyone?)

You are an eternal optimist. A cheerleader. After each song on the radio ends, you applaud and cheer. When Daddy sings in the car, you clap and say, “yay!”  You are a great boost for the ego, Ginger.

How is that for a photo bomb!

Be still my heart…..