She Sells Sea Shells By the Seashore {Seaside}

The girls and I escaped to Seaside  for a little birthday celebrating this weekend. Happy birthday, Gannon! Britton and Kenley were thrilled to have been extended an invitation as well- they have finally arrived in life. We managed to leave behind Tropical Storm Angela (or was it Andrea?) in exchange for blue skies, sunshine, Frost Bites, and some minor sunburns.

Incidentally, if you know of a proven children’s sunscreen please let me know – my girls continue to burn through their Coppertone Babies sunscreen (despite my reapplication) and Auntie Anna is none to pleased with me. 

We are lucky to live where we do, with only  a short drive to the ocean, a little bit farther north takes you to the mountains, and there are beautiful old Live Oaks all around us. Where was I? Oh- the beach. Yes- it was a quick little trip filled with fun.

Looks like a postcard when you climb onto the beach.

Red flags were shortly exchanged for yellow allowing swimming again.

I hope these girls will still be digging in the sand next summer at this time, oblivious to the cute boys surrounding them.