Checking In

No word from Canon yet, as to when my beloved camera will return home to me. In the meantime, we’ve been scalloping, slumber partying, with a weekend finale of the stomach bug attacking yours truly. 36 hours of sleep and 5 pounds lighter, I seem to be on the mend today. Hoping the Clorox wipes thwart away any and all leftover germs- before everyone in my family gets it.

Speaking of the kids, it’s hard to believe that school starts just three weeks from today. We may try to squeeze one last, impromptu trip in before the girls return to elementary school.  Try as we might to be ‘normal’ and plan our summer  vacations ahead of time, we tend to sporadically plan trips- I suppose even Type A’s like to keep it real sometimes.

Now, I’ve always been slow with math, so I only recently realized this little tid bit. One the same day, I will have a child starting lower school, middle school and high school. How’s that for spacing?

Well, “I can’t think about that today, I’ll think about it tomorrow.”