July Ninth

Watching my girl turn 10 definitely made my heart full yesterday. I think she had a good time too, frolicking in front of friends in her handmade mermaid tail.

Britton wanted a say in every last detail. She chose the invitation, cake, plates, favors, music, toys, date, snack, drink, guest list, theme, candy, balloon colors- you name it. My girl is surely one of those who knows what she wants and goes for it.

Love that these soon to be 5th grade girls aren’t afraid to get out there and cha cha slide.

All of the grandmothers (Nana, Mary and Sassy) were there to represent.

I love this.

Always my favorite.

It was an underwater theme party- not mermaid, she said.

Someone loves the attention, can you tell?

You have made the last decade beyond what we could have imagined. Cannot wait to see who you have become in the next ten years (20 years old? Really?). Love you B.