Michael Raynes | 21 months

We’re changing things up a bit with this being the 21st monthly update on the little guy.

Here are 10 things about you along with 10 photos (with maybe one to grow one). All 30’ish pounds of you are fully infused with personality now.

Your first big boy haircut a barber shop… I thought I wouldn’t hear the end of it, from Aunt Britty, if I didn’t take you to get your last botched cut job fixed.

1. You love to sing along to “Thrift Shop” {what? what? what? what? what? what? what?). This soothes your fussiness in the car better than Praise Baby ever did.

2. Ice is your favorite food. Followed closely by beer and sweets. I’m only kidding about the beer. Well, maybe.

3. You sign on your own- walking around the house humming and singing your own little tunes.

4. You look best with a big boy haircut. I gave into your Aunt Britty. We both made our first visit to a Barber shop and got your hair fixed. You are a ‘real boy’ now- just like Pinocchio,

5. You also love the song ‘Ho Hey’ by the Lumineers. You even have hand motions to it.

6. I can’t be sure, but I think you get more excited to see your Daddy than you do me. But that’s okay, I just tell myself it’s because you are with me all day. And what’s the excitement in that?

7. You find enjoyment in sweeping, mopping, and putting things back where they belong. I beam.

8. You sleep 16.5 hours a day.

9.  Your skin is fluorescent white. I’ve never had a kid with such fair skin- I dress you like the weather man when we go to the beach now, so you won’t burn again. You need to know this so when you are older you don’t get mad at me when you see photos like this.

10. Just when I think this is as good as it gets, you surprise me.