We’ve been beachin’ it all week- and dubbed ourselves Franklin County residents for the time being.  As a kid, I can remember spending summers at the coast, weeks at a time. My girls, plus a Ginger, love it down there.

My Yukon was packed full when we headed down on Sunday- so much so that I didn’t have room for food. I grabbed dog food, milk, cereal and vodka. The essentials.

One of the great things about the coast, is you always find friends on the beach, Hence, no importing friends.

Even Tucker has a long lost twin here- Cooper.  There’s nothing a Cocker rocket likes better than another Cocker rocket to behave mischievously with.

This is what third babies look like. A three year old pulling and 1 and 2 year old. While the Mommies watched from the shore.

Poochie, oh Poochie. My cat/dog.

The kiddos always like checking out “the attic” at the beach. Something about the stairs, old wood smell and independence.

Nanny Lindsey brought down AB and Whit yesterday. We had about 7 minutes on the beach before the rained chased us to the porch all day.

She couldn’t run fast enough

Clearly, they do not seem to mind the rain.

Mike has been commuting to work all week and the kids love their new ‘home.’ And why wouldn’t they, the ocean, unlimited electronics at night (since there is no television), friends, junk food (compliments of Walmart Super Center in Crawfordville) and salt air.

Sassy, pretend like you didn’t read that last paragraph. I told my friends I could leave all my groceries down there for a month, and when I came back they would be just as I left them thanks to all the preservative filled food we bought.

 Sweet Charlie working hard

We are hoping the rain lets us so we can resume our July 4th plans- which may or may not involve matches, Skinny Girl White Cherry vodka and watermelon.

Happy Fourth!


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