Sassy & Dapper | An Heirloom Portraiture Company

Last month, I posted about a special project I was working on. Well, it has officially begun. My Mom and I have started an {affordable} children’s heirloom portraiture company- Sassy & Dapper. Mom spent 20+ years as a portrait consultant for a well known artist, so she knows a thing or two when it comes to this stuff.  She helps the client decide on canvas size, clothing selection, posing, framing, background, etc.  I’ll handle the photography/editing aspect. We have teamed up with a local, uber talented portrait artist for the painting. She is a hidden jewel who has been doing portrait painting for a while.

Our hope is that any parent (or grandparent) looking for that southern/Old Master’s style portrait can now afford to have that heirloom piece in their collection.

With two already in the works, I cannot wait to see how they turn out! I know they will be just beautiful and am excited for their Mamas.

I snapped some pictures of my Godchild, Railey in June. Talk about some serious cuteness. Her mom, Shea, instructed her not to show her teeth when she smiled.  Being the pleasing child that she is (ha, ha), Railey obliged.

While none of these shots were the one Shea finally “chose”, they were too cute not to share.

As a Godmother, I get bragging rights too, don’t I?

Shea, when she starts funneling beer on the Monsel Apartments/ University Campus with her friend’s college boyfriend, or putting beer cans in her volleyball socks headed to Spring Break in Panama City, just reflect on her standing all innocent in a little white dress. 


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