The Making of a Mermaid Tail {guest post by Britton}

Britton asked us for one thing for her birthday- a real mermaid tail. Lucky for her, she has a Mama who loves to sew. She is the one who designed it- from finding the pattern on YouTube, to shopping for and finding the best price for tail material (, choosing the metallic paints and fin material (Wal-Mart). It is only fitting that she be the one to provide a quick tutorial.

By Britton:
I saw it on a you tube video. Next, i stared looking for fabric for it and i started saving up (money). Once I had the fabric I pinned it and my mom sewed it. When the fabric parts were done I painted the tail by hand and let it dry and it was ready to swim in.

This is all she would let me snap of her on her birthday… I’ll have to get her to squeeze into it again for a full length shot.


Lovely comments

  1. 3' says

    Love your mermaid tail! Great job :-) I have a beautiful big mermaid that is kind of a statue- she has blue fins that glow when you turn on the light :-)