The Pioneer Girl

The Pioneer Girl


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Britton and I have become obsessed with the Pioneer Woman on the Food Network. She makes delicious, eatable (if that’s a word) or as Mike would say “real” food – think meat and potatoes.

The PW has a great blog as well which she updates frequently. B thinks we should all move onto the Drummond Ranch in the middle of nowhere with sprawling fields and lots of sky in every direction. Either that or she noticed that the Pioneer Woman serves a homemade dessert with every meal. But alas, sweet girl, we are in the gated suburbs of the South. Which in my opinion, is the best place to live.

If you have a hankering for something sweet, try her monster cookies. B made these last week and they were hugely delicious! I asked her to use peanut M&M’s when I probably should have used regular ones- but I love me some peanuts, what can I say.



On Sunday, we made her baked Easy Calzones’which were surprisingly easy and equally as tasty.  I feel like I have moved up a notch on the cook totem pole now (feel is the key word).

Britton and Kenley both get inside the kitchen, read those recipes, measure, sift, stir, stuff, chop and bake away. They will make good little wives one day, my little pioneer girls.


The Pioneer Girl | Grateful Simplicity


Edited to Add: My long, long, time friend Mary Heather sent me this comment which was too funny not to share: “This made me laugh … of course you like Pioneer Woman!  It is like a modern day Little House on the Prairie with out forcing me to pretend I’m blind …”