Mermaid Dreams | Britton’s New Business

When an entrepreneurial father has an entrepreneurial-spirited daughter, this is the result.
Seriously, I can’t make this stuff up.

   Mermaid Dreams     
Do you have a child who dreams of being a mermaid? Well now your child can meet a mermaid for a very low cost! If you are having a mermaid themed birthday party or just having a pool party, then call mermaid dreams! We have performing mermaids just for you! We inform your child with facts about the ocean and even swim with them! We also provide a mermaid with sparkling blue tails and fun games to do with your mermaid, like diving for shells and sea dollar soaring! Book now while you still can and may you have Mermaid Dreams!
First Hour                                            $75.00
Each Additional Hour                         $25.00