Michael Raynes | 22 Months

Exactly two months from today, our little guy will be turning two. While some days are slow, the months seem to be flying by.

In true third child fashion, along with not having any bronze ‘patty cakes’ of your hands or feet, like your sister’s do, you also have hardly any video footage of these past 22 months. I believe the last thing we recorded of you, was your grand {and speedy} entrance into this world. Suddenly, the speedy part makes sense.  

We sure do love you, our Rainsee Bah Dain Zee.

I’ve been told 2 years old is the statute of limitations for the beloved jon jons. Oh I will be sad when that day comes.  Then you are forever more in shirts, pants or jeans. What’s a girl to do?

I’m pretty sure I caught you sorting your blocks this evening.

Personality: You like everything in its place. Everything.

Foods: A toothpick without a fat roll to be found, I continue to put new food in front of you each and every day, in hopes that I will hit the jackpot eventually. Did won the pot tonight when you ate his lobster from our recent Keys trip.

Family: You call your big sisters “K” and “B”. You insist on calling Sassy, Mary and Meme… “Meme”. You have Nana and DeeDee down pat. We always told my Mom should would one day turn into her mother. Apparently, that day has come.

Our Wal-Mart greeter waves goodbye to all our guests. And the mailman. And waste collection on Mondays.

Much to Auntie Anna’s chagrin, your latest escapade with your Dada.

I’ve said it a gazillion times before, because it’s true. My heart runneth over, little boy. My heart runneth over.

My heart runneth over 
With joy and love 
All the beautiful things 
Coming from above 
The gifts, never ending 
And they are all free 
God is making my life here 
So wonderful for me 
My heart runneth over 
My soul is so satisfied 
I’m living in paradise 
And have not even died 
My heart runneth over 
From an abundance of love 
All these precious blessings 
God sent from above 

         by: Elisabeth Clark Harcro