Snot and Dirt

My kids are busy, my sister’s kids are curious, my God son Downing is fast– throw them all together in a large room, add a splash of red wine, let ‘em simmer for an hour or so. The result is an easier time for all their Mama’s. Not quite sure how it works out that way every time, it just does. At this stage in life, chaos is bliss particularly in numbers. We had an impromptu madhouse play date this weekend. Count ‘em, 6 kids, 3 moms, 2 hyper dogs. We are so excited to have Aunt Coco and Downing back in town for good!

Dirt and snot, I am finding, is the essence of a happy little boy.  Trucks are just an added bonus.

 Whit at 14 months

Oh, and their funny faces too.

 Welcome back to T-Town Downing! “D” @ 3 years old

Raynes will be starting preschool this week. I am beyond excited going to miss my little guy three mornings a week. He even had a homework assignment to “draw” a picture of his family. Sorry, that one made me laugh.

Sugar and spice and everything nice…

 AB @ 2 1/2 yrs

These two are a hot mess. Raynes was having some car trouble, cousin Whit tried to see what the problem was.  Lord, these two are fun. Although their 8 months age difference is obvious now, these two will be in the same ‘grade’ growing up.

A set of shiny new tubes in his ears last week have helped ol’ Whit to hear we think!