The Battle of the Electronics

It’s shaping up to be just an awesome week, with the lovely stomach bug hitting Mike then Raynes.  So Mike and the girls will be driving down to ‘The Keys’ tomorrow for some snorkeling fun while I stay behind to tend the wilted Butter Bean. Those boys sure are snuggly when they’re sick. 

I must admit, I am somewhat looking forward to the break- I just know my girls will have a blast with their Daddy and quite frankly, I am over the whole battle of the electronics. There’s probably a lot of parents out there this summer, who know exactly what I am talking about.

The girls race through their daily chores each morning, in record speed, so they can impulsively swipe their electronic devices with their little index fingers, becoming all too quickly enthralled into their electronic world. Once their allotted time is up (2 hours), it immediately changes to, “what extra chores can I do to earn more time?” After two months of this, it’s exhausting, I can assure you. Constantly watching the clock, or telling them time is up, or taking away computer time for poor choices, or trying to teach them that a ‘Random Act of Kindness’ on their chore chart, is for them to think of, not me. Um, wouldn’t that be whole point of ‘random?’

It would be much easier (and less resistence) for me to tune their sweet voices out and let them play iPads, Sim City, and MineCraft for 8 hours a day. Bliss, I tell you. Then I could concentrate on the the little toddler who loves pulling out night lights from his electric sockets, only to stick his finger in for fun. But that’s not how we do things ’round here. You still have to read, exercise, pick up your Bible and help around the house. Yes, even in the summer. I am trying to teach their little hearts and steer them in the right direction, but eww wee, some days it ain’t easy. Guess maybe I am looking forward to school starting back in the sense that a little structure might do our crew some good.

But the worst part is, more times than not, as I yell with one hand “It’s time to turn off your computer,” I am clutching my iPhone with the other.

Hey pot, how do you like that?

Love, The Kettle