The Great Chapter

Sometimes when I read a really good book, I don’t want it end. I’ll fold down the top corner of the page, tuck it away to save for later. Something to look forward to. Something to savor.  And so it was with my ‘last baby’ starting preschool today. I’ve been waiting to get to this part since I started this book over 10 years ago. I knew what this book would be about, but I don’t want it to end. Not just yet. Today was the last time I will take a toddler, my toddler, to their first day of preschool.

2013-2014 School Year: Class 2A

Seems like 2004 was only yesterday, when I took 2 year old Britton to her preschool. I remember the red smocked dress she wore- it had three red apples on it. She wore a big white bow and white Keds with ruffled socks. In 2007, sweet little Kenley started her preschool, albeit with a broken sternum, but she went. That, too, was a bitter sweet day.  She sat up, cautiously, in the teacher’s white rocking chair, away from curious friends who like to hug and touch.

Instead of looking at it as the end of a great book, I’m going to shift my outlook a bit and decide that it’s only the end of a great little chapter. There is more in this book for me to enjoy.