Run, Forest, Run

Alarm clocks were set Friday night to wake our crew up early on Saturday for the annual 5k (and in our case 1 mile family fun run) ‘Run for Lawson.’  Kenley wanted to run the distance while Britton and I enjoyed walking and pushing pee wee in his stroller.

Unfortunately Fortunately Britton really enjoyed a big racing event and want us to sign up for a 5k together.  Preferably a “color run” she added. I’m thinking this is a good one for her and her Daddy to enjoy together.

We left in our running clothes and headed to the church where we donned hair nets while preparing snack packs for the hungry kids in the community.

 Photo compliments of our pastor

 Photo compliments of our pastor

 Photo compliments of our pastor– all we need is Raynes and we would have ourselves a snazzy Christmas card.

By 11:30 we felt like we gotten more done than we typically do all weekend.

Tomorrow starts the 31 day series- no more resting for me on this ol’ blog. I’ll be writing about the same topic for the next 31 days. I look at it as a personal challenge. Fingers crossed.


Fall Down Upon Us

As soon as the morning temperatures drop to 70 degrees, I am tempted to put on a sweater and dig out my riding boots. I am trying not to get to excited about the cool fall weather that is so close I can almost smell it. 
Until then I will be getting the last few wears out of my cropped jeans and favorite tan sandals. 
Front lawn picnic

Third Day

I’ve been wanting to see Third Day in concert for a while.  They’ve been around for a while now- these Marietta boys and I just love their music. The last couple times the band played within 2 hours of our town I’ve managed to miss their show. Not this time- Friday night they were playing less than 4 miles from my house so you can bet I was there. Britton, now a professional concert go-er (having been to Taylor Swift not once but twice) escorted me.

Have I mentioned how much I love them?  They played in a smaller venue which meant some acoustic music and they did not disappoint. Now it’s back to listening to them via Pandora. Oh well. 

Entertainment in the Car

We live about 15 minutes “from town” so we’re in the car a good bit.  The rule of thumb is, if traveling for more than 30 minutes then the kids can watch a movie.  Benji, Barbie, Pete’s Dragon, Mary Poppins, Cinderella, you name it- we got it. Mike had what I think was a great idea. He said, “why don’t we get them educational DVDs to watch?”  Duh. Why don’t we?

I did some research and bought this School House Rocks DVD. Turns out, my kids watch it at school and have loved it owning it at home. Chances are you probably watched it growing up too- in the VHS version of course They even bring it inside to continue watching it. I’m raising some nerds here, folks.

Truth be told, Mama here needs the refresher course too. A conjunction? What’s that?
(psstt… it links words)

We also ordered this historical animated DVD by Liberty’s Kids which, yep, was a hit too.  They couldn’t believe there was actually an event where tea was dumped overboard. While the novelty will eventually wear off, just like other movies, at least now we have shifted directions and can make better use of our endless driving time.

As Britton says, “nerds rule!”