After School

For the past couple of years we have cut back on after school activities. Hauling an October baby around every afternoon, kicking around for an hour, driving the 25 minutes back home at dinner time, didn’t make sense to me. Last year, we had managed to whittle down activities to two. That worked well for our family at the time. Now, however, the kids are older and my crew can have a more productive, fun, and active afternoons when we don’t walk into the house at 3:10 only to hang up backpacks, breeze through homework in 10 minutes, and start counting down how much time is left with electronics. No sir, that just exhausts me, even more so than driving them here, there and yonder.

Instead our afternoons are now spent with intentional activities that enrich’s my girl’s mind (piano, violin) and body (tennis, ballet, running). I am thrilled with what they have shown an interest in. Kenley is loving her tennis lessons (who knew?) and Britton recently started violin lessons. My grandfather was a concert violinist and Florida State University Dean of Music,  We are hoping that while those musical genes clearly skipped over their Mama perhaps my children will inherit this gift.
By far, the best addition to our routine has been the nightly devotionals with the girls. They look forward to our time together, ask poignant questions about our lesson, can look up scriptures, pronounce most of the Books of the Bible (Kenley’s little accent adds a great twist- I’m a little sad she will soon be starting speech therapy), and they let me in on what’s weighing on their hearts. The most important lesson that will learn all day, is the one I can teach them at home. Another reminder of a recent a-ha moment I had: There’s nothing my kids need that I cannot give them. Hands down, the best part of my day.  
This new afternoon schedule brings about more chaos and coordination but my hope is that these sweet little seeds will one day bloom and that makes it all worth it.