Back to School | A Repost

Having a three day weekend, and spending it at home, allows me to catch up on some of my few favorite blogs. This below post from Memories On Clover Lane is so relate-able. I just love how Sarah, the mom of six, can articulate things like what it’s like having kids far apart in age or heading back to school. 

“Praise the Lord.
It’s always bitter sweet.
I always feel like crying.
Like sobbing crying, not just tearing up.
But I will admit some of those tears are shed for me.
I did it.
I survived an intense summer of a baby, and kids and teens.
I did it on little sleep, I did it all myself pretty much, everyday, with no breaks, I did it. 
Swim team, and t-ball and tennis.  Soccer and cross country and lacrosse and crew.  Two work schedules for teens with one car.
Hundreds of load of laundry.
Thousands of dollars of food bought and put away and prepared.
Busy teens and late nights, and early mornings, and a baby who nurses at night and is a light sleeper during the day.  
I did it.
I don’t know if I did it well.  I don’t think I did this summer. I did it in survival mode and I did it with patience and probably lots of impatience and some frustration too.
I did it with tears and laughter and major self-doubt and prayers.
And some yelling and some arguing and some slammed doors and some sharp words.
I tried to enjoy it but sometimes I just did it, because I’m the mom and because I’m supposed to and sometimes it’s not all enjoyable.  Sometimes it’s just hard work.
I think I will look back on this summer and laugh one day and be a little less critical of myself, just for being here, doing it, as best as I could at the time.”

Kenley taking the bus to school alone for the first time

first day of school 2013-2014

Amen, sister!