Britton Happenings

This girl is growing up so fast that most days, I find it hard to keep up. It’s not very often that she poses for Mama’s camera so I wanted to post while the postin’ is good.

Miss Britton is already busy this year with the 5th grade academics having noticeably kicked up a notch. She may actually have to learn to study for tests pretty soon which is a great thing. Britty now has three teachers and switches classrooms which will prepare her for middle school next year. Ouch, that one hurts to even type. The violin, running shoes and ballet shoes stay tucked in her pink and green bags that are hanging in the hallway for after school excursions.

You are looking at the latest 5th grade news anchor. Maybe she should change her name to Britton Bonay. Or Britton Banache.  Sounds like a good television name to me.

Mike and I recently deactivated her Instagram account. Not because she posted anything inappropriate. On the contrary, she is a trustworthy and smart girl and we never had any trouble with her.  But… after much discussion he and I decided that we don’t want our 10 year old on any form of social media. It’s not so much what she posts on there, that was innocent enough (silly selfies, pictures of Poochie, reposts of silly sayings) but it left her exposed to other’s comments and their posts. In other words, while we can control what she posts we cannot control what other folks post or what they say. She’s going to have plenty of time for Facebook, snap chat and Instagram in her lifetime.

Despite the huge protest she raised, she hasn’t brought it one up time since. Not one single time. 
Guess her life wasn’t “ruined” after all.

Sometimes it takes me a little big longer to catch up to this big girl speed. I’ve asked her to be patient with her Mama. I can be a little slow to realize that Gap Kids and The Children’s Place aren’t her go to stores anymore. She is more of an Anthrapologie meets Lilly Pulitzer kind of gal. I’ll get there, sweet girl, even if it takes me longer to realize. I’ll get there.

We recently took away her computer as a consequence for a poor choice. That was a week ago. I can’t remember where I hid it so for the past three days we have been looking. The downside of having Mama who might just be a little too Type A, even for my own good it appears.