Michael Raynes | 23 Months

Baby boys clothing ranges in size from newborn up to 24 months. I figured I can continue with these ‘monthly updates’ until then. For those of you who have math skills like me, that’s only one more month.

Until then….

New Developments: You have started preschool, and without any tears I might add. Your teachers, Mrs. Julie and Mrs. Linda, fill in for me every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. You like to sing The Alphabet song. You.sing.the.alphabet. Swoon.

Physical Developments: 
Weight: 28 lbs
Shoe size: 8 (Daddy bought you New Balance tennis shoes so I know this for sure)
Diaper Size: 4, but not much longer
You are a repeat customer now at Tony’s Barber shop as we opt for the shorter hair do for you.

New Discoveries:  So this isn’t really new, but you are still hammering out the daily phone calls to family, especially Meme, Nana, Sassy and Dee Dee.

Firsts: School art project {draw your family}. You are also moving on up in the world by sitting at the table with your sisters. In fact, we have taken off the booster seat since this photo.  You’re just one of the kids now.

Foods: Ever the picky eater you have since added bananas and grilled chicken to your repertoire. Living on the edge. 

Joys: You dislike riding in the car seat, stroller, and grocery cart buggies. This makes for fun times. 

I suppose that I should start thinking about your upcoming birthday celebration on October 17th. My little Libra. Please, slow down September as I want my little boy to stay little forever. Thank you.