The Best Sleep Remedy

Some of my most clear thinking comes while in the shower. Crazy, I know. I suppose it’s because that’s the one place I am all alone for full 5 minutes and can actually think. I realized tonight that no one would ever need to refill their Ativan prescriptions if they spent at day with a sweet, little toddling boy.  If you don’t believe me, you are welcome to borrow my little fellow. I ‘m ready to put on my moo-moo pajamas, take out my contacts, crawl into bed and fall asleep by 7:30 every night. Except for this past Thursday night when we went to the Jason Aldean concert- but that’s a post for another day.

Raynes recently realized that the wheeled contraption parked next to my car in the garage, is in fact a Polaris. He now climbs up in it, patiently waiting for “Da Da” to come home and take him on his daily  ride.

 Yes, in a car seat- not to worry Auntie Anna. 

Raynes has a new best friend, and apparently it’s not me. But that’s okay, I’m still the one her runs to when he needs a hug.

It’s way past my bedtime tonight.