Tucker Mae

When Mike found out we were having a baby boy, the first thing he said was, “now I have someone to leave my guns to.”  Really? It must be a southern thing.  The second thing was, “Now it’s time to get a hunting dog.”  And that he did. While I was waddling, large, miserable and about to pop, Mike went to a neighboring town and came home with a female pup.  I think she reminded him of his dog Maggie growing up. We named her Tucker. The day before we found out I was pregnant, we had been on a quail hunt and one of the flush dogs was named Tucker. While we always had a hard time deciding on names for our children, we looked at each other and simultaneously said , ‘if we ever get a bird dog, we will name it Tucker.’  Of course, in my mind I thought we would never actually get a large dog. Mae is a ‘family’ name from her line–  affectionately known as Tucker Mae.

Not to be outdone by Poochie… Tucker Mae, you too are a sweet, sweet girl.

Our little pocket rocket- aka English Cocker.


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