It’s Everywhere | A Wrap Up

This is last post of a 31 days series on finding Joy Simply. You can read all the posts, starting with Day 1, by clicking HERE.

I’m still trying to finish strong on this series. I’m grateful. I have joy. I got it. I got it.

Okay, in full disclosure I had grandiose plans for this series going so far as to make a list of 45 different topics to cover. As life would have it, turns out I don’t need to refer to a list to remember what brings me joy: I can just look around. It’s everywhere.


31 Days | Day 30: Glossy Paints

If you are just joining, this is part of a 31 day series of Joy Simply.  You can read the entire series HERE. 

Ah, this one brings in the joy too. Fresh, high gloss white paint – especially on trim and baseboards. If a room has the blahs, a some fresh paint on the walls and some high gloss white paint will lift that mood every time the light reflects off of it.

I know I should like a total nut but it this series is about simple joys, then this is one of them.

Mother’s Instinct

This is day 29 of a 31 days series on finding Joy Simply. You can read all the posts, starting with Day 1, by clicking HERE.

I feel like I am in one of my hard aerobics classes- feeling much longer than 60 minutes I am ready to call it quits, walk out and return to my day, a sweaty mess. But alas, it’s a 31 days series and dang it, I’m going to finish it.

While I don’t have a pretty corresponding photo, one of the things that has started to bring me joy in my old age is my mother’s instinct. Not just having it, but learning to trust it.  When Britton was born, being the first time Mom that I was, I was unsure when I should speak up, when to hold my tongue. When to push, when to pull. When I should worry, when I should let it pass. I must have called the pediatrician about every runny nose, met with the teacher after every ‘we had a bad day’ note I found in her back pack, and spent way too much on her precious, smocked, original clothing.

One of the things that I learned, and am still learning, is that if I just shut my mouth, stop asking everyone else what they think, and listen to that little voice in me, I’ll know what to do.

Specifically, I can remember taking a 3 day old Britton to the lab for blood work for her Jaundice. I was sore, tired, large, hot {it was July} and frazzled.  This was at the old TCH {which incidentally was torn day 10 days after her birth)}. The tech pricked little Britton’s heel, accidentally dropped the tube on the dirty floor, then proceeded to hold the nasty tube up to her bloody heel. 

When we walked out of there my Mom looked at me and asked, ‘Did you just see what I saw?’ in disbelief.

I should have spoken up I scolded myself.

What I took away from that somewhat insignificant event is to speak up for my children whenever I get that feeling in my gut that something isn’t right.

A couple years later, although probably not much wiser, I am given a beautiful baby with a serious health problem. When I am told that she is ‘fine’ and ‘you have nothing to worry about’ I ignore them. Experts or not, when a Mama has an instinct 99.9% of the time she is right. This time, I say something along the lines of “I appreciate what you are saying, I hear what you are saying, but I want her checked again.”

And you know what- my instincts were spot on.  With Raynes, baby number three, I am more relaxed than I was that hot July morning in 2003. For the most part, not always, I know when to speak up, when to hush up and that it is okay to go with my instincts. They rarely lead me astray.

Jump Start

This is day 28 of a 31 days series on finding Joy Simply. You can read all the posts, starting with Day 1, by clicking HERE.

Some days I wake up feeling slightly overwhelmed and lot disorganized. Take today for instance: clean laundry has been piled up for three days on the floor of my laundry room, with the dryer door wide open. Kenley’s winter clothes are spread over her room waiting to find out if any still fit. Spaghetti O’s from last night’s dinner sit nice and crispy on my kitchen counter waiting for an overdue wiping. Dust bunnies have started to visit more rooms than I wish to count. My iPhone tells me it’s a busy week which I know will only pick up speed over the coming months.

Then there’s those moments when I ignorantly think I have my act together. Meals are planned out for the week, birthday party gifts are bought and wrapped, I’ve put in hours of work before the kids wake up, groceries overflow from the fridge.  It is very short lived.

We managed to take our family Christmas cards this weekend. Mike is pretty opinionated on having all of us on the card, not just the kids. Since he is rarely opinionated on much, I concede.  Sadly, Halloween hasn’t even arrived and our Christmas card is complete. This proactive tasks give me simple joy not to have them lingering on my to-do list anymore.

Here’s a little snippet.


This is day 27 of a 31 days series on finding Joy Simply. You can read all the posts, starting with Day 1, by clicking HERE.

The alarm clock went off at 7:00 am this morning. The coffee maker starting the sweet noise of humming, the smell of the heat being on for the first time in months filled the house, a sleeping Raynes was scooped up and placed in his hand-me down floral car seat so I could pull out of the drive way by 7:45 am. Mike and the girls were no where to be found as they went camping last night (picture tents, sleeping bags, camouflage).  Between photos and birthday parties Raynes and I had a full morning. I may need a day of rest after this day of rest.

While the day is not yet over, the simplicity of the sun waking up this chilly Sunday morning did bring me joy.