31 Days of Joy Simply

This is a 31 day challenge of finding Joy Simply.  You can read each day of the series below.

 Attempting to push myself a bit, I’ll be touching my big toe outside my comfort zone. The month of October, for 31 days (yes, as in 31 days in a row) I’ll be participating in the 31 Day series hosted by The Nester.  You can read about it here.  The topic I chose to write about is joy. Rather, Joy Simply. My goal is to look at this crazy and busy every day life through a different lens. Not my mama lens. Not my oh I’m-so-stressed-out lens. But the outlook of finding snippets of joy in the simplest of things. In the mundane of every day. Maybe along the way I will figure out what I’ve learned and what I still need to learn. Goodness knows, I need all the learning I can get.

31 Days Series Posts:

Day 1: Joy Simply
Day 1: Snap It
Day 2: First Thing in the Morning
Day 3: Pretty & Smart {A Pantry}
Day 4: Proximity 
Day 5: Ruff
Day 6: His & His
Day 7: Sprucing
Day 8: The Notebook
Day 9: Withdrawl
Day 10:  When You’re Not Looking
Day 11:  Early Christmas Gifts
Day 12:  Birthdays
Day 13:  Hula Hoop That
Day 14: A Little Boy’s Birthday Party
Day 15: Change of Seasons
Day 16: For the Love and Hate of
Day 17: Michael Raynes 
Day 18: Rise Sun, Rise
Day 19: Short and Sweet {Favorite Blogs}
Day 19:  Sassy & Dapper | Finished Portrait
Day 21:  Simple Gifts
Day 22: Momentary Hallelujah
Day 23:  Simple Exploring
Day 24:  A Memoir
Day 25:  Daddy’s Girls
Day 26: The Golden Hour
Day 27: Sunrise
Day 28: Jump Start

Day 29: Mother’s Instinct
Day 30:  Glossy Paints
Day 31:  It’s Everywhere