31 Days of Joy Simply | Day 10: When You’re Not Looking

This is day 10 of a 31 days series on finding Joy Simply. You can read all the posts from the series by clicking HERE.
Children grow when they sleep, we know this. What always surprises me is how much they grow without us particularly noticing it.

This was Britton just over 2 years ago. It was a big day- for all of us. The girls were transferring to a new public school that morning- Britton’s first day of third grade. She had worn a uniform for the past 3 years at her old school so I had it in my head that she would wear collard shirts every day to her new school.  “It’s like dressing for a job”  I would tell her.  It took only about one day for her to look around an notice that her new classmates were wearing cool t-shirts and jean shorts. One thing I have learned (albeit a long time) is which battles are worth fighting and which are not.  Taste in wardrobe, however opposite of mine, are not worth the battle.

So much has changed in the past two years. My girl, both girls really, but particularly Britton who was in the thick of elementary school, has since made a new group of friends, met new teachers, learned bus routes and the in’s and out’s of new places and faces. Not to mention, she grown about two feet. She comes us to my chin now, we wear the same shoe size (she went from a 3 to an 8), and that little baby in by stomach turns two on Thursday.

26 months goes by so fast when you’re not looking.