31 Days of Joy Simply | Day 7: Sprucing

This is day 7 of a 31 day series of finding Joy Simply.  You can read each post of the series by clicking HERE.

What gal doesn’t like to have a new paint color say every, I don’t know, 12 years? While I do love Martha Stewart paint, if I had to look at that diarrhea green color one more day I might have pulled my hair out. We’ve lived in three houses since Mike and I have been married and in each house I have painted our master the same color. And I loved it until I didn’t. After searching Pinterest and visiting Sherwin Williams several times we settled on ‘Conservative Gray’- yes, I got my man’s input on our bedroom color.  Conservative Gray-  fitting really for a guy who wears a suit and tie to work every day.

There are still some tweaks we have to make (hanging pictures, window treatments, etc.) but what fun would a finished room be?

If you don’t believe me about the dingy green paint check out the before photo.

As a side note, can I just say that I love calling Courtney to discuss paint colors. When I say, “Rockport Gray orWedgewood Grayor “Conservative Gray” she knows exactly the color I am referring to and has good jusgement as to how it will look on the walls. She’s my go-to color person.  Not just that, she gets it. She gets me.  Like good friends really do- although that could be another Joy Simply post entirely.