Jump Start

This is day 28 of a 31 days series on finding Joy Simply. You can read all the posts, starting with Day 1, by clicking HERE.

Some days I wake up feeling slightly overwhelmed and lot disorganized. Take today for instance: clean laundry has been piled up for three days on the floor of my laundry room, with the dryer door wide open. Kenley’s winter clothes are spread over her room waiting to find out if any still fit. Spaghetti O’s from last night’s dinner sit nice and crispy on my kitchen counter waiting for an overdue wiping. Dust bunnies have started to visit more rooms than I wish to count. My iPhone tells me it’s a busy week which I know will only pick up speed over the coming months.

Then there’s those moments when I ignorantly think I have my act together. Meals are planned out for the week, birthday party gifts are bought and wrapped, I’ve put in hours of work before the kids wake up, groceries overflow from the fridge.  It is very short lived.

We managed to take our family Christmas cards this weekend. Mike is pretty opinionated on having all of us on the card, not just the kids. Since he is rarely opinionated on much, I concede.  Sadly, Halloween hasn’t even arrived and our Christmas card is complete. This proactive tasks give me simple joy not to have them lingering on my to-do list anymore.

Here’s a little snippet.