Simple Gifts

This post is day 21 of a 31 days series on finding Joy Simply. You can read all the posts from the series by clicking HERE.

Somewhere along the way Mike and I made the mistake of bringing our girls a “prize” home from trips. Don’t ask me why (We’re not the only ones that have made that mistake, the Tooth Fairy recently brought Kenley a $10 bill).

This weekend we drove to Captiva Island, sans children, for a friend’s wedding. As promised, we had to buy a gift  for the kids to bring home. We had a few minutes of shopping Saturday morning and popped into several stores looking for the perfect little gift for our kids. A t-shirt? Vera Bradley flip flops? A shell necklace?

We decided that we would “look later.”  As time would have it, later never came and there was no more shopping to be done on the trip. While on a quick walk to check out the island beach, we did manage to collect a few shells that we thought the girls would like. On the 8 hour drive home yesterday we grabbed them a couple bags of skittles at the gas station and called it a day.

Wouldn’t you know they loved their shells- Skittles too. Thanking us over and over, admiring the different colors, shapes and textures the surf provided. They didn’t really want some Lilly Pulitzer change purse that would inevitably be lost in 6 months. They sorted, took turns choosing and safely stored their new seashore treasures. A simple gift. Sometimes I think I’m learning more from my kids than they are learning from me.