Our family, friends, health, cool weather and lots of children. These are just some of the things we are thankful for this week.

 Kenley’s 2nd grade thanksgiving feast.

Turkeys acting as turkeys. Fitting really. This is an authentic Kenley’s expression.

We headed to my Meme’s house for a house full (19 adults, 10 kids, but whose counting…) of chatting, drinking and lots of eating.’


Everyone, including my 2 year old, bellied up to the kitchen island for some Thanksgiving appetizers. My Meme always makes her deviled eggs. She tried to send the last three home with me, but I just couldn’t bear the thought of transporting 3 boiled eggs in my car.

Who doesn’t love a good tea party? The benefits of having older sisters I suppose.

The boy can pour him some tea. Pinky finger up and all (which is actually a genetic thing. His grandfather and father both drink with their pinky finger raised. And no, I am not kidding).

I’ve been taking a few Christmas cards for friends lately, ’tis the season for everyone to have a current family photo.

On a rare occasion of being Raynes-less, the girls and I went to our local nursery to pick out this year’s tree.  I must say, it’s only in the stand as I type (and I hear Mike and the girls digging around the attic for decorations) but I can already tell it’s the prettiest tree yet.

It’s the most wonderful time of year- when I can blare my Christmas Carols without looking like a total lunatic.   Now I have lots of other reasons to look like one.


Baby Boys (Twins) | Christmas Dozen Photos

Alright, it’s about time we get some boys back in here…. Got to make it up for having nothing but girls lately… Double or nothing, here we go.

These easy-going little guys gave me the baby bug again… and I haven’t had that since Raynes was born.

I should have taken one home with me, Caroline wouldn’t have minded. Until a couple hours passed and she, like me, will miss her baby boy.  Little turkeys!


We had a mini-family reunion last week with my cousins children in town from Indiana. Well that might be a bit of a stretch seeing that the majority of our family live in town and we’re with them all the time.

It’s definitely more fun with the new generation of  Landrum children causing mischief.

Meme has 3 daughters, 3 grand daughters and 5 great grand daughters.  And you wondered why I was surprised when I found out we were having a boy….

 After several years, my Mom has completed her memoir and working on fun things like the cover now (and not so fun things like publishing- much work!)

Pops has that effect on Ben… 


This was our attempt at a generational photo with Meme. 10 kids ages 10 and under make it a bit difficult.  Good thing Thanksgiving isn’t at my house again this year…. Thank you Sidney for hosting!

Speaking of Thanksgiving my girls get off the bus in about 10 minutes and then we will have family bonding time for the next 5 days. Wish my luck I’m so excited!

Un, Duex, Trois | Christmas Dozen Photoss

There is definitely not a shortage of beautiful little girls in our town. I seem to be on a roll in finding them…
My kids are spaced out pretty well. In fact, starting next year I will have three children at three different schools (for three years!).  Autumn, on the other hand, had two in preschool when baby Windsor came along last January.  Holy Toledo. That is three children under the age of 4 for those of you that don’t do math.

How fun is that for these three girls?

Real life: Typical third baby… Autumn and I may or may not have laughed before rescuing baby Windsor.  As you can see, big sisters were quick to toss their candy and pull her back up to safety.

Little turkeys!

More Sisters | Christmas Dozen Photos

Sisters- I seem to be a on a roll with this theme. Why stop now?

We love the B family. Their oldest, Emily, and Britton are best buds, as well as our middle children, Kenley and Mary Cate. In fact, the middles have been in the same class for the past three years!  Lilly and Raynes are just along for the ride and happy to be amongst the chaos most days. Remember when I mentioned Moms with their hat on?  That is Susan!
The girls went to preschool together and were reunited when my girls switched schools a few years ago. They have been inseparable since.