Every now and then a Britton-ism is just too good not to post. At the risk of her fussing at me, once again, for embarrassing her (this is a fun stage, let me tell you), I present to you her most recent Britton-ism.

Britton- “Mom, have you ever noticed that the first three letters of every word contain a vowel or a -y?”
Me- Trying to process what she’s saying. Why is she thinking about this? What am I making for dinner?  “No B, I have never noticed that. Is that really true?”
Britton- “Yes, think of a word- any word. The first three letters are either a vowel or a -y.”
Fast forward to today.. . she climbs into my Yukon, and we are driving home from the bus stop when she says, “I thought of a word that doesn’t have a vowel or a -y in the first three letters!”
Let me stop right here and tell you… if I was half as smart as her, I would’ve remembered what the word was. Unfortunately, the story ends here along with my short term memory. 
Good thing there are 246 labeled Britton’isms previously recorded.