We had a mini-family reunion last week with my cousins children in town from Indiana. Well that might be a bit of a stretch seeing that the majority of our family live in town and we’re with them all the time.

It’s definitely more fun with the new generation of  Landrum children causing mischief.

Meme has 3 daughters, 3 grand daughters and 5 great grand daughters.  And you wondered why I was surprised when I found out we were having a boy….

 After several years, my Mom has completed her memoir and working on fun things like the cover now (and not so fun things like publishing- much work!)

Pops has that effect on Ben… 


This was our attempt at a generational photo with Meme. 10 kids ages 10 and under make it a bit difficult.  Good thing Thanksgiving isn’t at my house again this year…. Thank you Sidney for hosting!

Speaking of Thanksgiving my girls get off the bus in about 10 minutes and then we will have family bonding time for the next 5 days. Wish my luck I’m so excited!