Done Partying… Halloween {Part 2}

I’ve had this post in draft form for several days.  Apparently, the 5 minutes it takes to type and hit publish is a bit too overwhelming for me this week.  After the 31 days series, of consistent, daily blogging, it’s kind of the equivalent of going on a eating binge after a strict and lengthy diet.

Alas, back in the saddle I go. Since we are nearing the end of Week 1 of November, I bring you the last of the Halloween photos. Maybe by Valentines you will get to see Thanksgiving around here.

I love that my middle child can grab the pumpkin off the front porch, on the eve of Halloween, and get to work on it herself.  Like I often tell my kids, jump in, buckle your safety belts and enjoy the ride.

Daddy helped her draw the face- he even made the pumpkin have a wiggly tooth like the girls each have.

Friends make everything more fun- particularly when there are costumes and junk food involved.

The highlight of the evening was watching Raynes settle into the kitchen table and barter his extra Halloween candy with his sister’s friends. Also known as, just chillin’ with the big kids.

Hmmm, do we really want Griffin’s Snickers?  I’ll hold out of that packet of M&Ms.

Everything is for sale. Or didn’t you know?

Perhaps the best, and most surprising, of Halloween was watching Raynes trick or trick. If I was a good Mom I would have taken videos with my phone.  It was my intent to take him to 2 or 3 houses then bring him on home for bath and bed. Two hours and 20 houses later the boy was loaded down with candy and had perfected the phrase “trick or treat.”

Is he really going to be my last baby?