Fancy Smanchy

At our current pace, it will likely be another 13 years before we get this spiffy again. Mike’s tuxedo will no longer come with a ‘return by’ date like it did for our wedding in 2001.

We celebrated a wildlife arts festival in style this week.  The menu came with words like  Chestnut Soup Cappuccino, Port Reduction and Perigord Truffle Froth. While I cannot pronounce this I so wanted to turn my bowl up and lick every last drop.  If only I hadn’t been tucked so tightly into my dress I might have done just that.

Speaking of dress, thank goodness for the Internet. My man gave me a 6 day notice about the event- tasking me with trying to find a last minute dress to wear. Online shopping sure can simplify my life at times. But that’s a post for another day.