Here a Jacobs, There a Jacobs | Christmas Dozen Photos

Sometimes big sister has to take matters into her own hands. Since schools were closed for Veterans Day, Mom and I decided to take all the cousins on a picnic at the park.  After picking up Whit and AB from their house, I threw in change of clothes for them in hopes I might be able to snap some shots of them for my sister.

I am determined that she is going to send out Christmas cards this year, even if it means me picking up her children, dressing them, snapping the pictures, then driving them back home myself.

Often times, the most haphazard planning is the most fun with the best results.  She knocked out her Christmas cards and she didn’t even know it. While I won’t spoil anything by posting the photos she chose, I still have to share some AB and Whit loving.

The girl likes her some boots. See, even Allie Boone knows it’s fall.

If only my thighs looked that cute in short, horizontal striped dresses.


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