Marco Polo

We went to my family’s annual polo match this weekend watching cousins, aunts and uncles compete atop their massive horses wearing mouthpieces and helmets. Personally, I think Kenley just goes for the open bar.

Cousin Caitlyn.

If I squint hard enough, I may see light at the end of the toddler tunnel. This boy actually hung close to me this year, as opposed to last November when he wanted nothing more than to run down the middle of the polo field to pet the horses, or roll down the hill into onlookers. Oh yes, let that light shine, please!

Wouldn’t you want to run towards this as well?

Real life pony- a first for him. 

You are never too old to get your craft on…

The momentum of the season has already started to pick up. Now, more than ever, being the high-strung, always planning, perpetually eye-twitching mom that I am, I need to remind myself to breathe and soak in the beauty and blessings surrounding me.

I’ll do that, I will, but first let me knock out a just couple more items on my to do list, starting with a haircut for this little fellow.


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