Never & Always {Sisters}

It’s amazing how different two sisters can be. Don’t get me wrong- there are many similarities in these two: both prefer skipping vegetables, can get through multiple levels of Mine Craft, love arts and crafts and both are sweet to the core. But…. they are intrinsically motivated differently, have their own hobbies, routines, fears,  and dreams.

Take this girl in the pink helmet for instance…..

She rides confidently atop the pony like it’s nobody’s business

Britton can stand in front of a large church congregation and speak- not once, not twice, but on four occasions… without so much as batting an eyelash. In fact, when I asked her if she was nervous before one of her microphone moments, she looked at me as though I had two heads and asked matter of fact, “No. Why would I be nervous?”

Um, because public speaking is a big fear of many people- call me crazy Britton.

Pee Wee, below, is petrified of being front and center. In fact, she refused to take ballet lessons recently for fear of the end of the year dance recital.  Kenley is now in her second year of weekly, half hour long piano lessons and has yet play a single note in any of the the recitals. Mind you, we attend every family piano recital and Kenley stays glued to her chair in the audience with her little hands timidly clasped in her lap, watching while her cousins gracefully move their hands over the black and white keys.

Her knuckles are white and she is very unsure about this whole pony riding business.

Britton wants to adopt children and one day be a doctor (that doesn’t have to look at blood- good luck with that one), or horse trainer or… name the day, it will change.  She wants to attend college out of state- she’s not sure where but seems to know that there is more out there than Florida universities.

Kenley, when asked the same question ‘What do you want to be when you grow up?’ never wavers. “A Mommy,”  she replies.  If she’s asked me once, she’s asked me 100 times if she can live with Mike and I when she attends Florida State. I’ve had to reassure her, on many occasions, that not all colleges are “sleep away” schools.

Yes, their differences are what make them unique but their little hearts, the essence of who they are, makes them sisters. And that, won’t ever change. Even if they do end up living on opposite sides of the country.