December Decor Ramblings

With the naked Christmas tree down and sitting by the street I can see my family room once again. Suddenly it looks so bare.  Some of my favorite blogs are home decor in subject- which is no surprise to anyone that knows me. Most normal people have hobbies like sewing, running, or traveling. I prefer strolling the aisles in Home Goods and moving furniture around. Ask my mom, even as a kid I would spend my weekends rearranging my room and dusting the furniture.

When I saw this gold foil sign on Etsy (and all over blog land) I knew I had to have it. My kids constantly hear me say, “hold your horses.” With a family of 5 someone is always holding a horse I can assure you. Santa Claus came through.  Eventually I will find a safe place for it where red pasta sauce cannot attack but for the time being Kenley announced that all I’ll need to do is just point to the sign when someone needs to take a number.

Mike and I have been fortunate enough to inherit much of our furniture from my parents- including these old (heavy!) mahogany arm chairs that were in my dining room growing up.  My sister and I each have 4 now. Since Mike and I already have dining room chairs (also passed down) I use these where needed and try to breathe fresh life into them with a little color. I have no idea why I took a picture of this chair but hey, it won’t look like this in a couple months so no harm done.

Garden stools have become my recent obsession and when I saw this brass one recently my heart might have skipped a beat- I’m not gonna lie. They seem to be popping up in many of our spaces.  Eventually I want need to reupholster the fabric on the matching wing chairs but for now I manage to thwart off that project with a few chotchkies.

“Chotchkie: A small piece of worthless crap, a decorative knick knack with little or no purpose” {urban dictionary}

My house is full of them, just ask Mike.

On second thought, let’s not ask him and say we did…