Merry Merry! {Christmas Cards 2013}

With most of them mailed by now, thought I would post this year’s Christmas card onto the blog for prosperity. After all, it’s almost that time of year for printing this keepsake blog.

It’s a rare occasion we have a family photo taken. As memory serves me, we have never paid a professional photographer for a family photo. I have thousands upon thousands of photos of my children, husband, husband and children but all of us together? Not so much.

If it were up to me the kids would be the only Robinson representatives on our Christmas card. Alas, Mike raised his hand and voiced his opinion of having the entire family on the card. Mike is pretty easy going when it comes to family decisions so when he does express an opinion I try to oblige. Insert Mom and Dad onto the Christmas card.

As a random side note: I often times  get definitions of words confused in my head. Thinking that ‘photogenic’ meant someone who doesn’t photograph well, for years and years when someone was about to take my picture I would say, “Be careful… I am very photogenic.”  I never said I was the brightest bulb.

Merry Christmas!



Thank you Susan for snapping our photos at your farm and Holly at Doodle and Pea for designing them. Notice and you will see it takes two people holding Raynes’ hands to keep still.