Timeouts | A Step by Step Guide

Supernanny always performs the same steps when disciplining younger children.

Step 1. Deliver a warning.
Step 2. Take child to a “naughty spot.”
Step 3. Leave them there for one minute per child’s age.

Britton explaining that hitting is wrong.

Step 4. f they get up, return child to naughty spot without talking.
Step 5.  Have child apologize and reward with hugs and kisses.

Raynes apologizing after his Britton-imposed timeout.

It’s nice to have my little implementer, Britton, to assist with these toddler time outs.


These Are A Few of My Favorite Things | Part 2 (Children}

This is where it gets really fun- my children. Particularly my girls who can express their surprise, adoration and joy when they unwrap their gifts. Spoiling our children is perfectly acceptable on this once a year holiday. Here are some of my favorite things.

Alex and Ani bracelets are the trend now and at $28 each they can afford to be. Britton’s Nana gave her one for birthday this summer and she was immediately hooked.

What child isn’t into loom bands? They are going to take over the world- watch out!

Monogram, monogram wherefore art thou monogram?  Britton loves anything and everything monogrammed particularly these precious hair bows from Etsy.

Which leads us to a monogrammed gold necklace from Etsy - perfect for that 10 year old’ish gal.

How about a little hollachagirl (whatever that means, I saw it on a bumper sticker) disco ball from Amazon.

Little Girls:

They like monogram items because… well, their big sisters do. Kenley has more junk jewelry than any 90 year old bag lady within 10 states. This monogrammed jewelry trey will be perfect for little earrings or trinkets, also from Etsy.

For the bookworm in your life… Little House on the Prairie books. As a bonus I get to watch them too!

And Ivey + Bean…

As well as these cloth bound classics (thank you Edie for the introduction). I made the executive decision to start my kids on this cloth bound collection and ordered them each a book yesterday (A Little Princess and The Adventures of Robin Hood).  Classic and wholesome literature coupled with uber cool cloth covers? I mean seriously- it doesn’t get any better than this. Oh yes, it was on Amazon prime too so no tax and free shipping!

My Godmother, Aunt Bunny, always gave me a piece of Spode Christmas Tree china when I was growing up. Such a great idea as now I have full set of Christmas china. I have played this idea forward by giving my Goddaughters a piece of Spode china each year as well. They will thank me one day.

As a 7 year old girl, she still very much plays with “toys.”  While I am not a fan of plastic toys these Lego Friends came highly recommended….

For the Boy:

Trucks, toys, noise and movement. That’s all they really care about I am learning.  Thank you Courtney for this suggestion of endless entertainment sold by Amazon.

Now why can’t my boy have share in the monogram love? As long as I get to dress him then every now and then I will be throwing a mono somethin’ on his little skinny body. These monogrammed polo shirts sold on Etsy are fabulous, reasonably priced and if you ask her to the seller will make the monogram a little larger as well.

I know my son has to be tired of Barbie, Cinderella, a swimming mermaid and a signing long-haired princess. He will be thrilled to watch Bob the Builder DVDs when on car rides soon.

Lastly, this ball we first saw this Hoberman ball Jesyca’s house and although quite simple, is fascinating to both children and parents. If you want to be ‘The Cool Parent’ at the next birthday party show up with this little number.

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things….

Christmas is here next week which is hard for me to wrap my head around. This one-less-week between Thanksgiving and Christmas is for the birds. At this point, I will just keep my half strung lights surrounding my front porch and welcome next Wednesday with open arms.

Although I started my Christmas shopping obnoxiously early this year I have somehow managed to leave a few gifts to the last minute.  When I don’t know what gift to give someone I often reflect back to the things I like most. My few of my favorite things, if you will:

Slippers! Every year slippers are on my list. Probably because I wear my “house shoes” (as my Alabama roommate Hope used to call them) around the house a lot.

UGG slippers hold up well and are worth the upgrade from the knock-offs, of which I also love but don’t last nearly as long.

Every 30’ish year old loves a good beauty regime. Cosmetics (perfume, make up, hair) seem to consistently be items that I repeatedly ask for.  I’ve come to the realization that my hair is better off doing it’s naturally wavy thing than my spending 20 minutes blowing it dry. This year I am hoping to score some Aveda Bee Curly products to help me accept this truth more easily.

Some Nivea lotion (Mr. R has given me this every Christmas since we’ve been married) and Regenerist serum and Essie nail polish never hurt a girl either.

Since I only recently discovered the Pioneer Woman so I have some catching up to do. The husbands (and often time the girls too) seems to love her recipes so a cookbook (any cookbook) would keep my from having to print so many of her recipes.

Although I have it on my Kindle. Sara Young’s Jesus Calling has been one of my favorite (quick) daily devotionals to date. It also comes in a new pretty teal leather-esque cover which I think would make a great gift.

My lingerie is long ago neglected so I ask the Hubs to help me look less like a homeless woman by perhaps purchasing something, anything, by Chantelle. Nordstrom has free shipping both ways and I do love me some Nordstrom.  In the 7 years I’ve been writing this blog, I do believe that is the first time I’ve typed the word bra.  So scandalous.  

I’ve seen this gold foiled Hold Your Horses sign floating all over Etsy and think it could be fun in a number of different places… Etsy is one of my favorite go to websites since it supports true crafters.

The blog books that my Mom prints for me each year are priceless.  In the past she has always used Blog 2 print and we have had great success with it.

These monogrammed Anthropoligie mugs have a thin lip and super cool statement. It’s a win win especially at only $8 a pop.  You still have two days left to order from Anthr and still receive in time for Christmas.

While we are talking dishes, these Horchow blue and white plates I feel in love with. If you are patient they will go on sale and you can get free shipping too (as in today!). I ordered them recently and paid about $6 each.  Today they have free shipping on all orders over $50.

I’m really keeping my fingers crossed that Santa will help me round out my lens collection for my Canon 50D with a 28-75 mm lens but those little boogers are expensive…

The Hubs gave me large pearl earrings years ago and I have been wearing them ever since. A staple in every southern girl’s style.

The best part of Christmas shopping is buying for my kids. Tomorrow I hope to compile a list of some of my favorite things I have found for THEM.

Puppy Dog Tails

Housekeeping: I’ve been trying to tidy up the blog recently. You can now subscribe to receive blog posts by filling out the “follow by email” in the right column. The feedburner will send you an email to confirm your subscription, then voila you can be spammed by yours truly every so often. I’ve used feedburner recently to subscribe to my favorite blogs because let’s be honest- ain’t nobody got time to go clickin’ all around the Internet to read their favorite blogs. They need to come to us.


It was eerily quiet in our house last night . The girls are under the weather and crashed early and the husband was dozing off in bed by 10 (which is early for us). Our Energizer Bunny said to me “night night” at 6:50 and walked to his crib ready to put his night cap on.  When the house is quiet like that I can never decide if I should take advantage of it and watch TV by the fire or crawl into bed. Truth be told, come evening I’m so tired it doesn’t really matter one way or the other.

Oh how I love that boy but oh how I love when 7:00 pm rolls around and they’re asleep. All that energy- I don’t know where it comes from.  Maybe it’s because I’m not 26 years old like I was with my first toddler.

Here’s what I have learned so far about little boys:

1. Like to stay busy. Cabin fever sets in daily.

2. If you don’t find them something constructive to do (blocks, trains) then they will find something themselves (climbing tables, slamming doors).

3. Little boys are interested in books for all of 15 seconds so they don’t count.

4. They like attention.

5. Boys are extremely affectionate little creatures.

6. Are mesmerized by tractors- it’s an innate thing. I never realized how many tractors are around until I had a two year old in my backseat pointing out every single one as we drive.

7. Play hard and sleep hard.

It’s like being a first time parent all over again while simultaneously saying to myself “I’ve got this.”
I’ve got this.

Mother Daughter Tea {or Mama Punch, your choice}

‘Tis the season for traditions, tights, cookies, red hair bows and parties.  All of those things were rolled into one yesterday at an annual Mother Daughter Christmas tea. We’ve been guest at our dear friends’ party for years now. Britton might have been about two years old at the first Christmas tea. I can remember arriving with my girls in their matching smocked Christmas dresses (pressed, of course) and leave clutching the hands of two sugar-crashed kids with green cupcake smeared all down their dress, tousled hair, a missing Mary Jane and then there was the sweat that was running down my back from chasing my young girls around for an hour.

My how times have changed. Now we arrive (having dressed ourselves) going our separate ways to visit with friends only to convene by the door two hours later when it’s time to leave- clean clothes and smiles we take with us.

Sorry Raynes, but this one is girls only.