Puppy Dog Tails

Housekeeping: I’ve been trying to tidy up the blog recently. You can now subscribe to receive blog posts by filling out the “follow by email” in the right column. The feedburner will send you an email to confirm your subscription, then voila you can be spammed by yours truly every so often. I’ve used feedburner recently to subscribe to my favorite blogs because let’s be honest- ain’t nobody got time to go clickin’ all around the Internet to read their favorite blogs. They need to come to us.


It was eerily quiet in our house last night . The girls are under the weather and crashed early and the husband was dozing off in bed by 10 (which is early for us). Our Energizer Bunny said to me “night night” at 6:50 and walked to his crib ready to put his night cap on.  When the house is quiet like that I can never decide if I should take advantage of it and watch TV by the fire or crawl into bed. Truth be told, come evening I’m so tired it doesn’t really matter one way or the other.

Oh how I love that boy but oh how I love when 7:00 pm rolls around and they’re asleep. All that energy- I don’t know where it comes from.  Maybe it’s because I’m not 26 years old like I was with my first toddler.

Here’s what I have learned so far about little boys:

1. Like to stay busy. Cabin fever sets in daily.

2. If you don’t find them something constructive to do (blocks, trains) then they will find something themselves (climbing tables, slamming doors).

3. Little boys are interested in books for all of 15 seconds so they don’t count.

4. They like attention.

5. Boys are extremely affectionate little creatures.

6. Are mesmerized by tractors- it’s an innate thing. I never realized how many tractors are around until I had a two year old in my backseat pointing out every single one as we drive.

7. Play hard and sleep hard.

It’s like being a first time parent all over again while simultaneously saying to myself “I’ve got this.”
I’ve got this.