Even Allie Boone has to multi task

In case you were wondering if, in fact, I am crazy this might sway you. These are the kind of thoughts that race through my mind as I shower:

Beware: random

1.  It is not physically possible to complete all that needs to be done on any one day. For instance, laundry, food prep, driving, exercising (doctors say we should exercise 1 hour a day. One whole hour!), devotion time, homework, grocery shopping, cooking the food, putting away the clothes, errands, work (let’s not forget the actual job), cleaning, sorting, more laundry, more driving, Christmas obligations, etc. You get the idea. Now do the math, 24 hours in a day, and tell me if I’m wrong.

2. If I could eat anything I want for one week, regardless of calories, what would my menu look like then?

3.  Why does everyone pack parties into the month of December? Why not spread the wealth? If you want to get real technical December 25th isn’t even the actual birth day of Christ. Let’s celebrate all year. And attend church year round while we’re at it.

4. Speaking of church, it’s day 4 (or is today December 3rd?) of Advent. Ask me how many  times I’ve have Devotion Time with my girls this month. Zero! Nada. Not once. I’m a terrible mother.

5.  Christmas shopping stresses me out. Typically the kids get 3 gifts from Santa, and 3 gifts from us – symbolizing the three gifts that the Wise Men brought the Christ Child. Occasionally, as in this year, I tend to over buy at the end because I feel I need to compensate for other areas of mothering where I may be failing them (of which there are likely many, see #4 above).   My heart knows that my girls (and that sweet little boy) have all that they need but my mind plays tricks on me telling me to buy just one more shirt, or another set of Loom Bands.  Enough already- I be done with them. And that be that.

6. Would everyone in my house starve if I stopped going to the grocery store?

7.  My life feels more complete now that we have a Home Goods. And I don’t care how shallow that may sound because it’s true.  That place makes me happy. I should get a job there. Or at the very least a credit card so I can get discounts. Or both!

8. Raynes has an ear infection. I love that Auntie Anna gives us medical exams in exchange for amateur photography. Thinking I got the better end of that deal this week.

9. Glad that our elf, Lou, has returned after a short bout with the flu that left him in the hospital (or was he in Mike’s underwear drawer, I really cannot remember which is why I think he ended up with the flu in the first place).  This is a tradition that my girls love- even my 10 year old. She knows that if she stops believing she won’t get as many gifts as little sister and she’s not about to take that chance she says.

10. Watching Kenley have an echo cardiogram at Shands on Monday turned my stomach into knots again. Knowing, in my heart, that she was absolutely fine I thought I was past that suddenly-feeling-sick feeling- but it happened again. When there is that long pause and the technician seems to take 20 pictures too many of that flapping organ and I suddenly second guess myself and wonder if I’ve overlooked a symptom and we are going down that same road again. But alas, my girl is fine. She’s better than fine as we don’t have to go back for two years! Two years. God is good.

Now I’m off for some Bible readings with my girls….