Snowmageddon {Winter Storm Leon}

I’ll be the first to admit that when the warning of a “winter storm” (yes that’s in quotations) and schools cancelled here in Florida I was a bit surprised. Seriously, all three kids will be home for a little bit of chilly weather?  Chilly doesn’t begin to describe how cold it was today. I know this because I stuck my arm outside the front door not once, but twice. It’s freezing. Snow and icy roads in Florida? Not so much. But an extra day to hunker down, do some laundry, crank up the eat, watch Sister Wives (why, I do not know), fall off the health food wagon and wear Mike’s over sized fleece sweatshirt all day works for me.

Even Tucker was able to spend nearly the entire day inside with us- chewing on Britton’s new tall boots and driving Poochie crazy.

Britton had friends spend the night, all of whom came prepared with rain snow gear just in case.  Turns out, raincoats and boots were needed for all the ice and sleet that fell upon us throughout the day. Welcome to sunny Florida!

Hard to imagine 70 degrees in a couple of days.  My poor lemon tree has gone to lemon tree heaven. Along with my once beautiful philodendrons, fox tail fern, rosemary and asparagus ferns. Au revoir favorite plants.

Where do 10 year old girls go when they have cabin fever on a “snow day?”  Why the clubhouse playhouse of course.  Grab some blankets and a bag of pretzels and there you go.

I had to study this a minute to make sure it wasn’t in fact snow. It was 1989 last time it snowed here. I was 12 years old.  You can bet I wanted to make darn sure I wasn’t missing it again.

Want to ride, Raynes?

Guess I wanted to make darn sure. Snow? Ice?  You decide.

I’m gonna go with snow. Because it’s Florida and another 25 years until we see anything like this again.


Reunited | Du

People come and go from your life all the time. On occasion someone (not your spouse, not your best friend) comes along and you just know they are special and absolutely irreplaceable.

Meet Duhart. Cornelius Duhart that is.

We meet Duhart during a terrible, awful, don’t hardly talk about it (much less think about it) time in our lives. “We” being my Mom, sister and me. Think before husbands (although my sister and I were both dating our husbands at the time we met “Du”). Well, I say that it was pre-husbands but that’s not entirely accurate. Mom was caring for Dad who was then losing his brief battle to brain cancer. That’s how we met Du. When the tumor overtook the man, I can remember telling my Mom that we needed help. We needed help caring for my Dad.

How do you even go about finding someone, a stranger no less, to come into your home at such a private, emotional and heart wrenching time?  I suppose, no- I know, it was another instance of God sending the right person at the right time, even though we were too exhausted, deflated and beaten down to pray most days. In this case, He sent us an Angel in form of Du. Words cannot express how much this man means to us- he was with our family during though unbelievably hard times yet also the most precious and intimate last moments with my Dad. He became our family when our family was falling apart.  There are stories that are almost too personal (and painful) to share on a blog.

He took such great care of my Dad- bathing him and dressing him in his pressed khakis, collared shirts and Docksiders each day.  Mind you, no one left the house.  That’s what made the small gestures all the more meaningful. He was able to keep Dad’s dignity intact which was no easy feat.  The best way I can think to describe the comradery with this man would be how a combat soldier might feel about his buddies:  we faced the war together and nobody could ever really understand unless they were there with the us. We have a bond.  Duhart is part of the thread that created this patch-work quilt life of mine.

It’s been over 10 years since I’ve seen Du- he hadn’t meet any of my children and probably still remembered me as a trying-to-stay-strong-for-her-Mom 20 year old. Well, all that changed when we got to see him again this weekend. It was like showing up to a dinner only to realize it was a homecoming that you didn’t know you were missing.  I had almost forgotten how we came to love and depend on him to help us through that sorrowful time. We were surrounded by dear friends, lots of precious family, a great support system but the only person that we wanted, that made us feel safe and gave us rest at night, was Duhart.  I had forgotten. I had forgotten how the four of us- Mom, Sara, Du and me- would sit in the upstairs living room and talk and talk for hours.  It was our cocoon. I think my subconscious had tucked it all away but I am thankful for the resurfaced memories and reminder.

Wow. Life has a funny way of showing up sometimes. We love you Du.



Twice in one week.
What are the chances?

Well, sort of. This little guy’s preschool has a “snow day” each winter for sledding and snow man building. Or in Raynes’ case, snow pail hauling. A man’s work is never done.

A good number of my friends have children younger than mine. Amy was crazy enough to have boys her spaced in age and little Emory (youngest) and Raynes are in preschool together while their older sisters and brothers are in the ‘big kids school’ (aka elementary). Hi Emory!

Speaking of big kids, it’s hard for me to believe that Britton will be in middle school this Fall. Certainly there has been some mistake.  I can clearly remember being in middle school myself- and why wouldn’t I? It was only a few years ago. No matter how I shake it, I’ll have three kids in there different school for the next three years. To make matters even more interesting, Britton and Kenley’s school will essentially start and end simultaneously with a 15 minute drive in between. Crazy is a comin’!

Un-rush Update

I’ve been trying to make a conscious effort to un-rush these past few days. Attempting to slow down, un-tense (get it: un-rush, un-tense), look at the bigger picture and just breathe. This is easier said that done, as I suspected it would be. Which is precisely why I am going to continue to work on it.

Coincidentally, I’ve also been delving a bit deeper into scripture readings as of late.  As God so perfectly coordinated the timing of His Word for me to hear the following was part of today’s (1/25) devotion:

“Enjoy the tempo of a God-breathed life by letting Me set the pace.  Hold My hand in childlike trust, and the way before you will open up step by step.”

It doesn’t surprise me anymore when He pulls a little stunt like this (lovingly driving a point home) but it still makes me smile when it happens.

I’m almost ashamed to admit but I haven’t been to church since Christmas Eve. Christmas Eve?!? As in a month ago… And yes, we’ve been sick and out of town which ultimately makes me feel out of sorts. Tomorrow we will be attending and back into the ‘swing of things’ on Sunday mornings which is why this next sentence almost jumped off the page when I read it:

“Bring Me the sacrifice of your time, and watch to see how abundantly I bless you and your loved ones.”

Deeds, actions, prayer and finances the obvious ways we pledge our faith to God… but giving Him our time is not an area I have really thought about before. As in ‘our time’ would not necessarily be the first pick of gifts He would choose from- not when there’s kindness, example, finacial, etc. ‘Take my money but don’t take my time’ my Mom often says meaning time is precious.  I love the spin that Sarah Young puts on this and the ten fold that comes from just setting time aside for Him.   This un-rush thing may be pretty cool after all.

In Search of Snow {A Carolina Trip}

It’s slide show time. Everyone, pull up your chairs and gather around.  You over there, can you dim the lights? It’s time for vacation photos.

Mission accomplished: Kids got to see snow for the first time. Woop woop. So we took it a notch further and took them snow skiing, but of course- when in Rome… Everything was going great during our 45 minute family lesson until BOOM! POW! SMACK! (I just love an onamonapia) Mike, who was skiing down the slope fast, hit ice then the ground only to land on his shoulder which immediately dislocated out of the socket. I know, ouch.

Bless his heart- needless to say the lesson abruptly ended once the medics carried him down the slope and the kids watched with their huge eyes taking it all in.  They quickly sat down to take off their skis deciding that maybe this wasn’t as fun as they thought it was just five minutes earlier.

Oh, how is Mr. Robinson you ask? In pain. The next day we drove into town and straight to a local Orthopedist who said that the shoulder had dislocated (apparently the numb shoulder was a tell-tale sign) but the good news was it went back in correctly. He goes back in two weeks to determine if his Rotator Cuff was torn. If I was a betting woman, I would say that sucker was torn off.  Of course, I also saw him take the great fall.

But…. Prior to The Great Fall, we had a blast.

Real snow the first morning.

The marshmallow family. Pre-skiing.

The side benefit of not being able to sleep past 8:00 am anymore— I get to see God with my own eyes.

 Looks like the time she went rollerskating with Pops.

Our friends, Auntie Anna (aka Doctor Anna) and family, joined us for our in-search-of-snow trip.

Yes, more photos of snow.

And again just in case you don’t believe me.

Thanks Mike. Glad you caught this on camera. Too cold to run outside, and too long to drive down the mountain we opted for a workout DVD. Had to burn off all the booze. I mean bread.  Or both.

Believe it or not, this was post medic visit when shoulder was back to its intended place.  We ran into some friends and asked them to at the very least, snap a quick photo since we had gone to great pains (no punn intended) to take our girls skiing only to be on the slope for 30 minutes.

Us Florida folks may need to stick to water skiing after all.