High and Low for the Day

The high and low for today- are you ready?

My high:

Got my girls back into a newly tweaked chore routine today. 
Kenley is now responsible for filling and setting the coffee maker each evening. Bless her heart! Even better, in lieu of ‘scripture memorization’ the girls have each downloaded the free Holy Bible app onto their devices and have chosen their own devotional plans. My goal is for them (and myself) to read the Bible each day. If you haven’t downloaded this (I think it was already on my iPad when I got it) then you should check it out. There is every imaginable plan you can choose- whole Bible plans, family, youth plans, topical plans, etc. Seeing both my girls snuggled on the couch this evening reading The Word, and enjoying doing just that, well it warmed my soul. 
My low: Because every day has them.
I’ve had an ulcer in my mouth for several days and my Mom convinced me to try her “Magic Mouthwash” prescription tonight. Yes, it is an actual prescription and the label reads “Magic Mouthwash.” This probably should have been my first clue. What Mom didn’t tell me is that is a numbing mouthwash and I basically gargled a bunch of xylocaine and now I cannot feel my tongue or teeth. Thanks Mom, this is almost as much fun as the time you gave me the Correctal for my stomach ache.
Don’t worry, I won’t delve into any more personal details….
This past weekend Kenley went skating with Pops for the first time following her skating lesson. Got to love Skate Inn East… I mean Skate World. This is the rink where I, and everyone else around here, used to get our groove on back in the day. I’m pretty sure they are using the same brown skates too judging by the smell last time I was there. We would work that hokey pokey in hopes of winning a lucky rabbit’s foot. Good thing they never took the gigantic disco ball down because like everything else, they’ve come back in style!

She was ner-vas!

No father-daughter weekend, I mean father-child weekend, is complete without a trip to the Bass Pro Shop or Pet Smart. You choose.  Mike has a thing for turtles- at nerd at heart, he does love visiting the pet store.

Apparently the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

She still hasn’t given up on that guinea pig.  Ain’t happening.

Now if I can just get out of bed by 5:00 am tomorrow we’ll be back in business!