The Not My House Tour | Part 1

Week three of the holiday break and we’ve fallen into full-on holiday-cation mode. Raynes is snoozing until 8:00 am, the girls until 10:00 am and Mike and I stay up watching movies with the gas log burning. I couldn’t be bothered with cooking my kids breakfast this morning so we fed them McDonalds.  Worthless I tell you. Worthless.

Today is a new day though and time to get up and get moving.  We drove to the coast to see the many beautiful ducks that have migrated south {more on that later} and take a peak at the lighthouse. Now I am counting down the hours until Downtown Abbey comes on tonight. Oh how I have missed the Grantham family and all my friends downstairs. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention our Seminoles are playing Monday night for the National Championship Title. It may be a toss up.  Fun times a ‘coming. #downtonwins 

And last, but absolutely not least, congratulations to my dear friend “Aunt Shea” on 6 lb 1 oz baby girl #3 born this morning at 6:00 am and 5 weeks early. We can’t wait to meet baby no name Chanon and know they will both be home from the hospital in no time flat. With now there children at home, Shea will be missing that mandated bed rest soon.

Alright, onto business.  *****

It’s taken me a while but I finally got around to taking some photos of my parent’s home. I told Mom I was going to take photos of their house for a home tour- she obliged.  Dale was in charge of the exterior (drawing the plans) and my Mom was responsible for the interior.

Seems like Mom collected items years before they started construction (fountain, pendants, furniture, etc.)


We grew up going to Sea Island every summer, as did Mom when she was a kid. Their house reminds me of  The Cloister.

View from pool

Side porch:

Mom will be mad that there is a picture with a bunch of junk on the end….

Tomorrow we’ll go inside. If she answers the door.